An EIC Special: “TOP 10 MUN ANALOGIES Pt.2” by Akshar Bonu (With 2 Bonus Analogies)

I haven’t written an article for comMUNism in almost one year and today I change that. Tomorrow is the IASAS MUN’s General Assembly and I think we all need some more analogies to make our speeches extra special. So without further adieu, these are my top 10 favorite analogies.

1. “This resolution is like Spongebob, it makes you smile but really if you look closely it has no brains and is full of holes.”

Who doesn’t like Spongebob? If you play your cards right and deliver it well, this one is for sure going to get laughs especially because most people haven’t heard it before!

2. “This resolution is like quantum mechanics: overly-complicated and the smart people who say they understand really don’t, unless their Stephan Hawking of course.”

Quantum Mechanics… Yuck. Nobody really gets and those who don’t, really are on thin ice. This will unite delegates in your favor with a unanimous nodding of this distant concept.

3. “This resolution is like the P-5, big, arrogant and lacking class.”

This is inspired from IASAS MUN 2 years. It is always fun to be controversial and this will always bring all the other delegates to unite with you in your common cause. Note, if you are a P-5 nation, it may not be the best idea to use this analogy.

4. “This resolution is like less economically developed countries: useless, lacking and always begging for more.”

Once again, being controversial always gets laughs, oohs and reactions. A speech with this analogy may not make you many friends but it will get laughs and definitely leave a lasting impression.

5. “This resolution is like a Big Mac. It looks really good with the juicy meaty clauses, sexy buns and leafy lettuce but at the end of the day it will kill you.”

McDonalds, who hasn’t had it? It is a relatable analogy which has a quirky, funny twist in the end which will definitely bring laughs.

6. “This resolution is like Jamba Juice, it blends everything important into a healthy, good-for-you snack.”

This is a risky one. This will work great for people who know about Jamba Juice (probably most IASAS MUN delegates, if they don’t, they should find out) uniting you all under a common love of blended drinks. If you don’t know what Jamba Juice is be careful as a well poised POI could destroy you.

7. “This resolution is like drive-through McDonalds, quick, efficient and gets the job done!”

Once again, McDonalds. McDonalds is good on its own, but drive-through, wow, that is another level. I’ve never heard of this one or seen this one used, but I bet this will get some laughs if delivered well.

8. “This resolution is like a Jimi Hendrix quote: overused, ineffective and doesn’t make sense.”

This began as an ISM inside joke where every delegate would say the quote: “Jimi Hendrix once said that when the power of love overcomes the love for power, only then will the world know peace.” Now, it has went to an extent I have decided to include an analogy berating the quote. But if you use this analogy in conjunction with the above quote, it will be confusing and hilarious.

9. “This resolution is like the power puff girl buttercup, cute, badass and can shoot lasers out of its hands.”

This is really inspired by Geo, one of the Security Council chairs. Yes, I know resolution’s can’t shoot lasers out of their “hands” but it is funny nonetheless. After all, who doesn’t like their power puff girls?

10. “This resolution is like the pure mathematics: sounds really cool but if you think about it for more than a second it’s the most useless thing on the earth.”

Ehh, maybe its because this month has been Math IA season, but pure mathematics really has no point in my opinion. It’ll be funny if you could follow up it with some examples but naturally the delegate must take the appropriate tone!

Because I love them analogies, I decided to include 2 BONUS ANALOGIES!

11. “Voting for this resolution is like choosing Pikachu as your starting Pokemon: simply stupid. Don’t be like Ash Ketchum, vote against. ”

Really? Pikachu? The first gym is the rock gym if I remember correctly and I recall eight years ago when I was on my Gameboy color it was impossible to beat the big snake-like rock Pokemon (Onix I think?) because thunder attacks were useless. Safe to say I quit and have been bitter ever since.

12. “This resolution is like the Editor-In-Chief of comMUNism: tall, dark and handsome.”

Need I explain anymore? Ladies?

At the end of the day, I still adamantly believe the best analogies come from within as cliché as it may sound. Each country has distinct features so play them up!. Or, alternatively talk about things you like and make a joke out of it, I obviously enjoy my McDonalds and Pokemon. Have fun and best of luck tomorrow delegates!

Akshar Bonu, ISM

IASAS MUN 2011 | Editor-In-Chief


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