TOP TEN MUN ANALOGIES: “This Resolution is Like…” by Mahek Tulsiani

1. “This resolution is like a miniskirt: long enough to cover everything important, but short enough to keep things exciting.”

Possibly the most overused analogy in MUN history, this one will most likely get you more groans than laughs. If I were you, delegates, I’d make it a point to avoid using this one at all costs, unless things are getting really boring.

2. “This resolution is like Snorlax; it is big and useless.”

This is a more creative analogy which always gets laughs. Use it as an extended metaphor to make a truly memorable speech.

3. “The benefits of this resolution are like the State of Palestine: they don’t exist.”

If you’re the delegate of the USA or the delegate of Israel, you might be able to consider using this one – just be prepared for a lot of controversy and an extremely offended delegate of the PNA.

4. “This resolution is like Glee: it has some good ideas, but its execution is sloppy.”

I love Glee. Really, I do. But sometimes, it’s just a mess (see: the Rocky Horror episode from last season). This analogy might be fun, but everyone who doesn’t watch Glee will just be confused.

5. “This resolution is about as useful as Kim Kardashian’s marriage.”

Not only would this pop culture reference be perfectly timed, but it would also get quite a few laughs out of your committee – but remember, even this one can get old, so use it sparingly.

6. “This resolution is like a broken pencil – pointless.”

Personally, I love this one – but it’s also pretty overused, so I’d recommend staying away. Still, if you’re not daring enough to try using an analogy that’s a bit out there, this might be just the thing to shake up an otherwise boring debate.

7. “This clause is like Santa…a good Claus.”

Corny, but (in my humble opinion) hilarious! If the debate in your committee is getting boring, try using this one to lighten the atmosphere!

8.  “This resolution is like sitting on a pineapple. It hurts at first, but it has good points.”

Creative without being crass, you might want to use this if you don’t want to be too silly but still want to make sure people listen to your speech.

9. “This resolution is like a donut: it’s sweet, but with a large hole in the middle.”

I find this one particularly useful when submitting an amendment for debate – it acknowledges the efforts of the main submitter, but still points to a major flaw that needs to be addressed.

10. “This resolution is like getting a hug from Lord Voldemort: awkward, painful, and humiliating.”

I’ve never heard this one used yet, but I would like to. Very, very much. Delegates, this is a challenge – if this one doesn’t get used by the end of IASAS, I’ll be very disappointed!

Mahek Tulsiani, ISM

IASAS MUN 2011 | Assistant Editor-in-Chief


2 thoughts on “TOP TEN MUN ANALOGIES: “This Resolution is Like…” by Mahek Tulsiani

  1. What about… “this resolution is like our chair… Blanca Villanueva… Attractive and very intelligent “… Delegate of DPRK.. It cost him a warning but was with it!

  2. How about..this resolution is like justin beiber. Very cute..but so awful
    I used this in my previous MUn..made everyone laugh 😛

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